Friday, May 7, 2010


Kativui is releasing a new album next week (VOL.8) whick will be launched officially at Athusi bar Nairobi on 15Th may. The week after 15Th Dan kamwana of Tetemesha band will also be releasing his third album titled WATHI MUSEO.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kativui vs Wamaria

A clash between kamba musicians Wamaria and Kativui happened a few days ago at a club in Mlolongo. The club was operating as usual and everything was cool until Wamaria ( who was drinking with Kibwezi Mp Hon. Kaloki) realized he was sharing a club with his enemy Kativui. Since wamaria is used to fighting with fellow kamba musicians, he went ahead to start a fight but the fight never took place coz kativuiz bouncer gave him a blow to remember, which landed him back at his table breaking all the beer bottles at the table. Wamaria left the pub and everything returned to normal. May be this is what Kativui is calling KUTILA KIVUTHYA.


Few weeks ago kamba benga musician Kativui was was blessed with a baby boy. He said his coming album vol.8 is a dedication to his wife 4 giving him a son.,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Royco Advert

Kamba benga musician Bernard Mbatha a.k.a kativui has sued Unilever Company for what he described as Piracy. the unilever company used the beats of his song Nindi kitau to advertise their product Royco. His lawyer has already forwarded this and the hearing is underway.